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Easy Vegetarian Fried Rice | 簡易素炒飯

on June 21, 2012

             Ingredients            |        成份

1 cup  Imitation Ham(Soybean Fiber)       |        一杯素火腿

1 cup green peas (frozen)                             |        一杯青豆 (冷凍)

3/4  cup  carrot                                               |        3/4 杯紅蘿蔔

1/4 cup black mushroom                             |         1/4 香菇

5 cups cooked rice                                         |         五杯米飯

Seasoning   |     調味料

1 tsp salt                                                |      一茶匙鹽

1 tsp soy sauce paste                          |       一茶匙醬油膏

1 tbsp Vegetarian Barbecue sauce   |      一湯匙沙茶醬

1 tbsp toona sauce                               |      一湯匙香椿醬

1 tbsp  mushroom powder                 |     一湯匙香菇粉

2 tbsp Canola oil                                  |   兩湯匙

Instructions | 做法說明

a)       Dice the imitation ham, carrots, and mushrooms.  Place carrots into a pot of boiling water and cook for 3 minutes.  Once the carrots are tender, drain the water.

一)    將所有材料切成小丁備用青豆除外  , 鍋中加水把紅蘿蔔放入煮熟後瀝乾水分(也可以買冷凍的)。

b)      Add 2 tbsps of oil in a stir-fry pan.  Heat on medium high heat. First, saute the ham, then carrots, mushrooms and green peas, adding each in one by one.  Add the seasoning last.

二)   爐上鍋子燒熱後加入兩湯匙油 , 油熱後先將素火腿放入炒香, 再將紅蘿蔔香菇青豆一起加入拌炒一下 ,將調味料一一放入。

C)      Finally add the rice into the pot and stir evenly.  Serve immediately while hot.

三)   最後把米飯加入鍋中拌炒均勻就可以起鍋了。


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