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Sweet Rice Rolls | 糯米飯糰

on July 9, 2012

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Sweet rice Rolls is a very popular breakfast in Taiwan. There are two varieties sweet and salty. It is very satiety coming along with a cup of soy milk.

糯米飯糰是在台灣很普遍的早點 。有甜的、有鹹的再加一杯豆漿 , 吃了很有飽足感。

Ingredients  (for 3 Rice Rolls)          |        成份(約三個飯糰)

1 fried twisted dough (Fritter)         |      油條一根

2 cups Sweet Rice                                |      2 杯糯米

3 tbsp Imitation Dried Pork                  |     三湯匙素香鬆

3 tsp Smashed preserved vegetable   |      三茶匙榨菜碎末

Instructions | 做法說明

a)     The sweet rice must have been soaked for six hours  in the cold water .

一) 糯米需浸泡六個鐘頭備用。

b)    Drain the sweet rice and put it into the electric rice cooker steaming for 30 minutes.  Divide a fritter into three sections and bake in the oven about ten minutes.  If you prefer crispy then baked a little bit longer.

二) 瀝乾糯米放盤入電鍋中蒸約三十分鐘。 油條分成三段放入烤箱 烤約十分鐘  如果喜歡脆一點可以烤多一點時間

c)    One-third of sweet rice was put above the plastic wrap then use spoon to press and flat it.  Put one teaspoon of Smashed preserved vegetable at the middle of it. The second layer is one tablespoon of Imitation Dried Pork.  Put the fritter last.

三) 將三分之一的糯米平鋪在保鮮膜,  放上一茶匙榨菜碎末 一湯匙素香鬆 一段油條


d)   Sweet rice is wrapped up into a cylinder shape.

四) 將糯米包裹起來成一個長形飯糰

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