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Adventures in Vegetarian Taiwanese and Chinese Food | 台灣和中國素食

Home made Red Bean Paste | 自製紅豆沙

Homemade red bean paste is nutrition with less oil(Coconut milk), less sugar(sweetened condensed milk and  stevia).  It is  very healthy.


Ingredients     |        材料

1 bag Adzuki Beans (396g)     |      一包小紅豆  (396g)

1 can Coconut Milk   (14 oz)    |    一罐椰漿   (14 oz)

2/3 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (200g)   |     2/3 罐煉奶   (200g)

2 tsp Stevia                                 |      兩茶匙 甜菊(Stevia)

Instructions | 做法說明

a)      First washed Adzuki beans and soaked for twelve hours (the volume of water is five times of the beans)

一)   紅豆先洗淨後泡水十二小時(水是豆子的五倍)。

b)      Put red beans into the pot (inner pot of rice cooker) and add one cup water.  Put into the rice cooker for heating up to thirty minutes then let it stay in the rice cooker about 30 minutes.  Repeat the process one more time.

二)  紅豆放入鍋中( 電鍋之內鍋) 加一杯水,水只要與紅豆平就可以了。  放入電鍋中蒸三十分鐘, 在電鍋內保溫燜三十分鐘後, 再蒸三十分鐘、燜三十分鐘。


c)      Spread out the (b) into a baking pan and crushed red beans with a spoon. Bake for about forty minutes. This is a easy way (without standing next to the furnace to stir the red bean paste until becoming dry)

三)  將(二)放烤盤中散開用湯匙把紅豆壓碎後。  放入烤箱烤約四十分鐘 , 這種做法比較省事(不用站在爐旁將炒豆沙炒乾)。

d)    Put (C) into the wok and stir about ten minutes.  Make sure the red bean not stick on the pan((if there is a sound of sand scratching that means is ready for next step).   Put the coconut milk, condensed milk and stevia powder together mixing evenly.

四) 將(三)放入炒鍋乾炒約十分鐘,這時豆沙已經不會沾鍋了(有沙沙的聲音), 把椰漿及煉奶加入鍋中再加甜菊粉攪拌均勻即可。


e)      You can make as a ball (each about 50g ) for fillings of  buns and bread.

五) 可以做成每個50g 的圓球,備用做包子和麵包 。


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Sesame filling | 芝蔴餡

The nutritional filling is composed of five kinds of nuts.  It is named sesame filling due to a lot of  sesame powder inside.  It can be made about twenty pieces. I usually put fillings into freezer available for making bread or buns  at any time.

這個餡料有五種果仁很營養,因為芝蔴粉比較多所以稱芝蔴餡 。 可以做二十個左右 。我通常都先把餡料做好放入冷凍箱裡備用, 做麵包或包子時隨時有餡料可包 。

Ingredients     |        材料

Roasted walnuts    100g            |       熟核桃仁       100g

Roasted almonds  100g            |        熟杏仁    100g

Roasted peanuts   100g            |         熟花生    100g

Ground flax seeds     100g        |       亞麻子仁粉       100g

Black sesame powder  200g     |           芝蔴粉      200g

Sugar   75g                                 |         糖            75g

2 tsp Stevia                                 |       甜菊(Stevia)兩茶匙

Candied kumquat     50g             |       蜜餞金橘      50g

Raisins      100g                         |         葡萄乾       100g

Olive oil     1 cup                        |          橄欖油    一碗

Instructions | 做法說明

a)    Chop walnuts, almonds, peanuts and kumquat into powder with food processor.  Mix with Ground flax seeds, Black sesame powder, Raisins , Sugar, and Stevia.

一) 熟核桃仁熟杏仁熟花生和蜜餞金橘用食物處理機打碎,將亞麻子仁粉、  芝蔴粉、 葡萄乾、 糖甜菊(Stevia)一起加入攪拌均勻。


b)   Put Olive oil into (a) and mix evenly.    Each of the filling is about 50g.  Make it as round shape.    I will show how to make the sesame bread  by this type filling next time.

二) 最後加入橄欖油攪拌均勻, 做成每個50g 的圓球。 芝蔴麵包請待下回分解。



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Pineapple jam |鳳梨果醬

The quality of homemade pineapple jam  has much better taste than the cake sale in the store.


Ingredients     |        材料

2 Pineapple                           |       鳳梨兩個

Maltose  500g                      |      一罐麥芽糖

2  Apple                                |        蘋果兩個

1/2 cup Lemon (juice)         |        一個檸檬(汁)


Instructions | 做法說明

a)       Pineapple peeled and chopped into the food process. Filter the juice and make it dry as much as possible.

一)   鳳梨去皮切塊, 放入果汁機打碎, 用漏勺將水瀝出(瀝的越乾越好)。

b)     Chopped apples join the pineapple(a) into the skillet, over low heat heating, and pay attention to stir with one direction(either clockwise or counter clockwise)  to prevent stick skillet . Add lemon juice and continue to cook become thick , then turn off heat(also can use the oven to  dehydrate).

二) 蘋果切碎加入鳳梨(一)放到煮鍋中,用小火加熱,並且注意同一個方向攪拌 。煮約20分鐘後加入檸檬汁,繼續用小火加熱,變成濃稠狀後即可熄火 (也可以用烤箱來收水分)。

c)    You can make pineapple cake, bread after jam cool down.  I will post in the future.

三) 鳳梨醬冷透了 ,可以作鳳梨酥、  鳳梨麵包等。


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