Taiwan Tasty | 台灣好吃

Adventures in Vegetarian Taiwanese and Chinese Food | 台灣和中國素食

Ants on the Tree | 螞蟻上樹

 Ingredients      |        成份 

1/2    Chinese cabbage               |       大白菜半個

1/2 cup  Minced Textured Vegetable Protein       |      半杯素碎末(乾

1/2 cup shiitake mushroom    90g          |           四朵香菇 (半杯)  90g

2  packs of Mung Bean Vermicelli           |          粉絲兩把

#1   Seasoning (Minced Textured Vegetable Protein )   |  #1   調味料 (醃素碎末)

1 cup hot water                              |       一杯熱水

1/2  tsp ginger (diced)                       |       半茶匙薑末

1 tsp soy sauce paste                 |        一茶匙醬油膏

1 tsp  mushroom powder           |       一茶匙香菇粉

1/4  tsp sesame oil                      |      1/4茶匙蔴油

1/4  tsp five spice powder          |     1/4茶匙五香粉

1/4  tsp white pepper                  |    1/4茶匙胡椒粉

1 tsp Cornstarch                        |     一茶匙太白粉

***  Mix one cup of hot water with  Minced Textured Vegetable Protein  .   Let it stay two minutes. and add # 1 seasoning to marinate for about ten minutes.

***  乾素碎末用熱水泡兩分鐘,加入# 1 調味料醃約十分鐘。

#2 Seasoning   |     #2 調味料

1 tsp salt                                          |      一茶匙鹽

1 tsp soy sauce paste                    |      一茶匙醬油膏

1 tbsp soy protein meat sauce    |       一湯匙陳年炸醬

1 tsp  mushroom powder            |      一茶匙香菇粉

1 tsp sesame oil                              |      一茶匙蔴油

Pan Fry Oil   |       鍋中用油

2 tbsp Canola oil                          |     兩湯匙

 Procedure    |    做法說明

a)      Slice Chinese cabbage  into strip shape(2″).    shiitake mushroom was cut into small pieces.   Mung Bean Vermicelli  were soaked and cut into 5″ long.

一)   將大白菜切成兩寸長條。  香菇切小塊 。  粉絲 泡軟切成約五寸長。


b)        Put two tablespoons oil into a wok.   Stir the Minced Textured Vegetable Protein, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and #2 seasoning.   Finally add the vermicelli in order to absorb any excess water.

二)     熱鍋中放兩湯匙油,將醃過的素碎末、香菇、大白菜和#2調味料依次放入鍋中翻炒一下,最後放入粉絲吸水份。





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Taiwanese Style Fried Sweet Rice | 油飯

Ingredients          |        成份

3  cups Sweet Rice      600g                              |      三杯糯米      600g

1/2 cup shiitake mushroom                              |     五朵 香菇

1/2 cup Vegetarian Ham(Soybean Fiber)           |     半杯素火腿

1/2 cup Salted Turnip                                         |      半杯蘿蔔乾

1 cup stewed peanuts                                        |       一杯滷花生

 Seasoning   |      調味料

1 tsp salt                                          |       一茶匙鹽

1 tbsp soy protein meat sauce    |       一湯匙陳年炸醬

2 tsp  mushroom powder            |       兩茶匙香菇粉

1/4 tsp white pepper                    |       1/4茶匙胡椒粉

1/3 cup  water                              |      1/3杯水

Pan Fry Oil   |       鍋中用油

2 tbsp Canola oil                          |   兩湯匙

Instructions | 做法說明

a)     The sweet rice must have been soaked for six hours  in the cold water .

一) 糯米需浸泡六個鐘頭備用。

b)      Dice the vegetarian ham and mushrooms into small pieces.

二)    將素火腿、香菇切成小丁備用 。

c)     Put two tablespoons oil into a wok. Heat oil, Saute salted turnip, put the vegetarian ham and black mushroom (b) stir about 2 minutes.  Add the seasonings and stewed peanuts into wok and cook until boiling.   Finally put the drained sweet rice stiring until the moisture dry.

三) 熱鍋燒油先爆蘿蔔乾、素火腿、香菇炒兩分鐘。 加入調味料及滷花生煮開後,將瀝乾的糯米放入炒至水份乾了。


d)       (C) loaded into a pot. Put into the rice cooker and steam for 50 minutes.

四)    將(三)裝入電鍋內鍋,   放入電鍋中蒸五十分鐘即可。







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Stewed peanuts | 滷花生

Ingredients            |        成份

Raw peanuts     24oz       |      帶皮花生          24 oz

2 small bags Spice foe spiced food     |     兩小包漢宮滷包


Seasoning   |       調味料

2 tsp salt                                          |      兩茶匙鹽

**   The amount of the salt with the personal tastes subtraction.

**    鹽的量隨個人口味加減。

Instructions | 做法說明

a)      Preheated slow cooker,  Put washed peanut into a pot, add water and two bags of spicy  (the volume of water is one inch height over the peanuts) cook until boiling. Pour into the slow cooker for three hours then add salt. If prefer the peanuts more soft can increased stew time.

一)  先將慢鍋預熱 ,花生洗淨放入一鍋中加水(淹過花生一寸高)和滷包燒開後,倒入慢鍋中燉煮三個鐘頭後加調味料。 如果喜歡花生燉的軟一些,可以增加時間 。


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Welcome! 歡迎!

This is a blog about vegetarian food from Taiwan and China.  We’ll teach you how to create delicious vegetarian foods that you can enjoy at home with family and friends.

All our family members have been vegetarian since 1987. It is not easy to have our selection when we go out for eating.  All homemade manual  have been accumulated  for the last 25 years. We share the experience with all friends.


我們全家從1987年開始吃素,當我們出去吃飯時是不容易的,因為沒有那麼多的選擇。  這些食譜都是多年在家自己動手做累積的結果, 我們分享這些經驗給所有的朋友。

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